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name CP3 VIII AE XThe number of 725212-107 brand Air Jordan listing time 2015 April NEW origin, , China goods channels domestic counters status spot phase new original box size recommendation normal original price 1199 after-sales Description: within 7 days of receipt of goods without use, does not affect the sale of the shop again, can be returned (except for special treatment of goods), once the use of the goods, will not be returned. playoffs with XDR outsole, more suitable for summer concrete combat With the playoffs approaching, the day before Jordan's Brand for its J cheap jordan shoes for men ordan CP3.VIII AE X launched a new version of the playoffs. White and red two colors are chosen and decorated with blue detail. Vamp made change, feeling is also very good, worth a try! Nike Zoom unit forefoot cushioning function has sensitive, herringbone lines on the heels of the enhanced multi grip, which has become the main design elements of CP3 series. The toe and heel with herringbone lines, to achieve a full range of strong grip performance, high wear areas add rubber pad design, effectively improve the wear resistance and grip tongue inside of the Chris & middot; Paul's family for inspiration and or Cheap air jordans for sale iginality design work problems: mass sports shoes belong to mass production, there are slight spills and uneven line is a very normal phenomenon, not quality problems. Shoes cannot do foot completely for everyone, new shoes on the feet will likely wear feet do not fit the situation, so the new shoes will have one week run in period. washing advice: please use a soft cloth to wipe the dirt with water, do not use washing machine. Do not use any shoeshine cleaning or detergent cleaning, please put in dry, ventilated place to dry, avoid direct exposure to sunlight, so as to avoid vamp hardening, deformatio Retro jordans for sale n and rupture, sole degumming, etc.. after washing to save: ready to support, choose white paper, but to have water absorption, and the texture should not be too soft, otherwise it can not support the effect, into the shoes, and then put a packet of desiccant can be. Nike's Jordan basketball shoes were once the rage. New products it seems everyone wants to have this brand, each offering in great demand to be looted. , but times have obviously changed. "The sales performance of Air Jordan basketball shoes is much worse than expected," Morgan Stanley analyst wrote in a report on Foot Locker, a sport cheap jordans for sale ing goods chain". "This suggests that Nike is now facing a previously unthinkable brand problem," said." in August 18th, in a conference call with investors, Foot Locker CEO Dick · Johnson (Dick Johnson) said: "some of the Jordan Series sales rate decreased significantly compared with history." is struggling with the sales slump in the industry's category of basketball shoes, Air Jordan. Today's consumers prefer low - class sports shoes like Adidas Superstar because they don't fit into tight jeans and jogging. now, when the new Air Jordan shoes are on the market, the status of selling so quickly Cheap air jordan 12 ovo has disappeared. To solve this problem, Nike launched a growing number of Jordan shoes, including retro style redesign. Sports shoes two level market platform StockX CEO Joe West ·, (Josh Luber) believes that this has hurt the brand value of Air Jordan, and this will have a long-term impact on the company. Morgan Stanley worries that Nike is either "misjudge" the Air Jordan or underestimate the seriousness of the situation". , however, a wave of change may now be on the rise. UBS, an analyst at UBS, says jeans and the style of basketball that accompany it may soon become a new trend.will be official Retro jordans for sale ly on sale in March 14th, priced at $1399 Chinese area. release date: March 14th related information:In the next year to announce the official "closing" of the Japanese brand mastermind japan, but quite busy in recent years, can be described as a patchwork of joint cooperation activities over the place, some of the partner is unprecedented and never before seen, in the end is good or bad, or leave you personally evaluation of consumer. Recently mastermind JAPAN and outdoor brand Timberland boots together again, but this cooperation can no longer Timberland most detailed outdoor boots familiar theme, but Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping chose the Timberland Chukka Boot as an object, and to abandon the traditional The outdoor soles, rubber outsole Instead, uphold the essence of cooperation on the return, adding metal Timberland and skullbone logo, the overall change is relatively obvious (at least not simply take some joint parts Tee build a logo that simple). Log on sale soon for some time, yet to be detailed available information, interested friends may wish to start tracking note. & nbsp; Source: mastermind JAPAN MAGAZINE Source: Hypebeast- G - weekly trend went to the Xianke weekly time this week, continue for you to sort cheap jordans for sale mens out points within 7 days of review should not be ignored. If you want a list of the most expensive price for the high street brand column, Fear of God, in which occupies a space for one person absolutely, many friends love this brand because of its high price and missed the start, but from the clothing production, effect and quality, can also understand the reasons for expensive. With the arrival of autumn, the host Jerry Lorenzo and his team took to the streets, brought a "luxury" warmth for homeless people, regardless of is the rising popularity of Military Sneaker, and VANS to create a joint or the shoes, cheap jordans online all brand jacket, sweater collocation and other single product together for these people who need help, see the eyes for a long time. But the main purpose of this Jerry Lorenzo is to hope that through this move, you will be able to help those who need help out of the hands of the tramp. you read this week in Xianke weekly, published on the message to you? Fear of God Jerry Lorenzo is the principal tramp send warm feelings. new shoes, Yeezy Boost 750 "Chocolate" in this week's sale is undoubtedly the event many Sneakerhead highly anticipated, with the official Adidas Confirmed APP cheap foamposites launched in China Apple Store, this offering has also taken a new way to buy, first you need to make an appointment to register in the designated city and within the scope of the stipulated time click on the reservation button to make a reservation, after screening if the reservation is successful, you will be on sale when the day before to specify the store to buy. Compared to this time shoes with earlier Yeezy Boost 750 "Light Grey", the abolition of the previous big bottom luminous effect, while the upper with deeper "chocolate" color as the main theme, according to online news, this time APP the number of sale is very scarce, and the price is also speculation as can be imagined if there is a will, with friends. May wish to consider action. same 〉 - your current version - tool over the wall? 1. PICO is a "Divine Comedy" taro "I LIKE OJ" instagram: toshippe10? last year, PICO Taro's a "PPAP" can be swept across the world, the various versions of the imitation show is also available online. And after the song "spiritual pollution" so long, PICO taro again with his new song "I LIKE OJ" launched a new wave of attacks, but many people said after listening to, it doesn't seem to have "PPAP" like magic, not to listen to friends, to feel it. 2. Supreme 17 spring and summer series open season gift exposure instagram: supcommunity? according to the Convention, Supreme in the first week of the season will give customers some interesting small gifts, after a few years ago the toothpick, tote bag, elastic ball, fortune cookies, 2017 first week gifts also recently in the online exposure: fragrant match. Since it is not the same as aromatic matches, and ordinary matches, according to the herbaceous flowers will emit fragrance in the light, what is the Supreme smell is what feeling, I believe we must be very curious about? 3. New Year's coming, MADNESS is about to open "full gift" activities instagram: madness_online? with the arrival of the Chinese Lunar New Year, the major brands have introduced related theme products and promotions, and MADNESS is no exception. Today, its brand official Instagram for us to announce the upcoming "full gift" activities, and gifts are playing cards and red envelopes, looks very distinctive. The details of the specific activities in the above figure has been very clear, anyway, all consumption, this "cheap" can not be accounted for.